About The Designer

Eddia is the founder and designer of Eddia Beverly Hills.  Eddia began designing clothes for personal enjoyment at the young age of 14. He began his professional career in fashion design after achieving great success in architecture and home furnishing design. 

On his journey to the world of fashion, he strived to build a bridge between function and design. Using his design background and expertise as an Architect, he created a collection best known for its blend of comfort, functionality, and elegance. Today, Eddia embodies just that.

His attention to detail and consideration for the human anatomy combined with style and elegance has allowed for the fashion forward yet functional brand that is Eddia.

 Eddia's goal is to enhance the body's features with his products and to create works of art that are not only of the highest quality but that also complement you. Today his signature line features an entire range of clothing for both men and women from formal wear to denim.